The Now and the Not Yet

What to do in the meantime

Goals. Desires. Resolutions. Promises. Aspirations. Wants. Needs. Got em? Yep, me too. And for the last few days, I have been talking with the Lord about what we are supposed to do or how we are supposed to respond or BE in the “middle time“. You know, that time between the desire and the fulfillment. […]

Why I Dethrone my Stomach for 21 Days

When it comes to the success of a New Year’s resolution, I am convinced that fasting can be an integral part of helping give shape to fulfilling your WORD that God gives you. Fasting rids us of all distractions so that we can truly engage in focused conversation with God about your WORD, and let Him narrow your focus and help you chart a course to see your WORD fulfilled. Read more to find out the benefits of dethroning your stomach!

5 Musts For Accomplishing Your Goals

Because you can't lead others where you have not been.

Many of you have been seeking your very personal WORD for the year, as well as taking some time to reflect back in an effort to gain wisdom for moving forward this next year with greater success. I, too, have been working through the questions the old school way: with pencil and paper and a big eraser!

So, what do you do with your WORD and what you’ve learned as you’ve worked through the questions?

How you can guarantee a successful 2018

The one thing that we usually miss

As we enter a new year, we certainly have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish. Some women create a “bucket list” while others write out goals with specific deadlines over the course of the year. Many of us have had New Year’s resolutions and have seen nothing become of them, leaving us disillusioned […]

What’s YOUR Word?

your key to having an amazing 2018

What you may not know about me is that God has given me a Word for the Year for several years of my life now. One year, my word was discipline. One year the word was balance. I believe God has given me those yearly words to keep me focused on what He wanted to do that year in my life.

Advent: Week 2: The Candle of Love

to be or not to be... that is the question

Do you know who said that famous quote? It is the opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by Prince Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. In the scene, Hamlet is torn about avenging His father’s murder or not. “To be or not to be; that is the question.” This week of Advent has been an anticipatory look […]