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The Living Deeper Series


Ephesians 2:10 tells us that ALL of us were created by God with great purpose. And there is certainly a process to fulfilling those purposes! The Living Deeper Series is that “pathway of process” to fulfill your God-given purpose. The Living Deeper book gives you a glimpse of what it means to walk with God down this pathway, and how we can help the generations coming behind us, join us! The Living Deeper Series is a series of topical studies that takes you down an intentional track to helping you fulfill your purpose, while taking others with you! That is the truly fulfilling part! You can certainly go through the series alone, but I believe that life is always sweeter in the company of friends!

Below, you will find descriptions of the Living Deeper book, and the Living Deeper Series of studies. Please notice that there is a FREE facilitator’s guide available for download and use during the study if you so desire. And to add a little extra challenge and encouragement, Jena blogs often about these topics, so make sure you subscribe to get her blogs sent straight to your inbox!

Start walking with God, finding and fulfilling your purpose, and discover the joy of helping another do the same! Your life will be forever changed!

Living Deeper

Women Helping Women Walk with God

Current statistics reveal our need for a new approach in partnering with the largest and most influential generation, the Millenials. Young women are searching for a life of purpose and not finding it in today’s Church. Living Deeper enlightens women to disciple the next generation, encourages and equips them how to disciple them and empowers them to go and make disciples! As women walk into deeper waters with God, they discover that they can also take others with them.


Living With God

Any good story has some sort of love story intertwined within its pages. We long for stories where love overcomes, conquers, and wins over the evil that threatens to ruin the beautiful romance. The Bible, like a love story unfolding before our eyes, reveals that God is ultimately and completely LOVE. LOVE takes us deeper, returning us to living with God in newfound joy, adventure, intrigue, and wonder. When we begin to view God as LOVE, we begin to truly live.


Living in Relationships

Since God is a relational God and He created us in His image, then we are relational people. And yet, it seems that relationships are just so hard! God intended for relationships to be fulfilling, encouraging, challenging, inspiring, and full of life, and yet we often don’t feel that way about them at all. CONNECT will take you deeper into understanding God’s purposes for relationships, and help you live out those purposes with those around you.


Living Through Spiritual Warfare

Villains. They are always lurking in the dark, waiting for the most vulnerable time to attack. They take us unawares, leaving us wounded, disillusioned and imprisoned by their alluring temptations. We can no longer be foolish about our enemy’s strategy of war against our souls. FIGHT takes us into a deeper uncovering of those strategies and shows us how to combat the attacks.


Living out Spiritual Disciplines

God set spiritual disciplines in place to help posture us to live in His Presence. As a result, we are able to hear Him more clearly so we can follow Him more fully, as He guides us to the abundant life He planned for us. FOCUS will help you understand the deeper purposes of spiritual disciplines and teach you how to live life to its fullest as you abide in God’s presence.


Living by God’s Design

You. It’s only three little letters, and yet it holds within it great purposes, uniquely and specifically designed by the Creator. God wants you to be all that He created you to be, even more than you do! He wants to see you live a life that He designed for you because He knows you best and knows what will be most fulfilling for you! YOU will help you dive into deeper waters of understanding, and provide great direction for you to begin living out the God-designed purposes for which you were created. It’s time to start really living in who YOU were created to be!

Coming 2018



Living in Wholeness

Think of anything with a lot of holes in it and you know that the more holes, the more weak, vulnerable and susceptible it is to collapse. God wants you to be free from the holes. Too many of us are missing out on the abundant life Jesus offered us because of the holes left from our own sin or the sin of others against us. FREE will go to the deeper places in your soul and dig out the root issues that caused the holes. Then you will not just exist, but truly experience true, authentic living….are you ready to be FREE?

Coming 2019



Living on Purpose

From the cradle to the grave, our lives are ever-changing. With each new stage in life comes its own set of challenges, and opportunities for growth. Life is a process of learning as you go, if we are intentional and teachable. GROW will free you from the tyranny to “arrive” and be perfect, while striving to be all that God designed you to be. GROW helps you discover that being a disciple, a learner, of Jesus Christ is an incredible, never-ending process, that is to be shared as you “go and make disciples.”