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Finding just the right speaker can feel like a daunting task. When you are the one who has to make the decision, you want to carefully pray through who the Lord might want you to invite to come and lead your people. It’s a really big deal. The speaker can leave you with a mess to clean up or create an excitement and stirring that moves your people forward in their walks with God.



My desire is to come and share God’s Word in a way that offers hope to the hurting, transformation to the troubled, authenticity to those who need answers, and most of all direction to the detoured. I created this page just for you, the decision-maker, so you could get to know me a little better as you seek to make the best decision possible. I am humbled to be considered for your event, so thank you. I trust that God will lead you by His Spirit if I am the one who is to lead your people.


If you want to check my availability for your event, or if you have some questions before proceeding further, please click here:

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What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from me and my team:

  • Timely replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  • Consistent praying by me and my team prior to the event.
  • A personal phone call with me prior to your event, so I can hear your heart for your people as I pray through what God would have me speak.
  • Promotion about your event on my blog and social media channels. (Assuming that your event is open to the public and you want me to share.)
  • A passionate, prayed-through sharing based on what you expressed and what the Holy Spirit told me to share.
  • Message notes, pre-worship slides, and speaking slides if you desire to have them.
  • Follow-up communication after the event to debrief and offer anyway of serving you as you move forward with your people. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)


My Video Clips

I will go and speak wherever the Lord leads me: conferences, churches, luncheons, keynotes, breakouts, training events, and ministry kick-offs, just to name a few.  Here’s a little demo of me speaking.

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My Most Requested Topics

I have been asked to speak on many different topics over the last 20 plus years, but I am most passionate about the topics that God has also allowed me to write about in my books. I look at every speaking engagement, considering where people currently are and where the Father wants to take them. My goal is to facilitate the outcome God put in your heart to create.

The Next Step

Thanks again for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by checking my availability. Just click on “Start the Conversation”, and that’s just what we’ll do!!!  Someone on my team will get back with you right away.

What Others Are Saying…

“There is real life in the pages of the Living Deeper Series. And the way Jena came into our church and kicked it off with such a fiery and fierce passion for it, just added a stirring in all of us to want more. I am grateful for Jena’s ministry in speaking, teaching and writing. What a gift.”

~Shelby, Tennessee~

“The Living Deeper Series opened our group’s eyes to the need for developing relationships with the younger generation; as well as becoming transparent about our own inadequacies and struggles in our walk.”

~Laura, Georgia~

“Jena Forehand makes it easy because she dives in deep right away! She is so transparent and so willing to share, I felt comfortable within the first 2 weeks. It was so powerful to really do the work and grow deeper.”

~Debbie, Alabama~

“Jena is like sunshine on a rainy day! Her insight and encouragement through the Bible, brings such joy and courage into my life. I was both endeared to her and challenged by her. Then, I took a group through one of her studies and I could literally hear her speaking as I read each day. It was a breath of fresh air to the ladies. I highly recommend her ministry and her studies.”

~Corey, Montana~

“Jena’s books spoke volumes into my life and encouraged me to live as God sees me, to reflect His Glory and His Light, and allow Him to grow me into who He has created me to be.”

~Allie, Texas~

“Every single time I led a group of women through the Living Deeper Series, the response at the end was always, “What is Jena’s next book?” or “When is the next Bible study?” Each study has strengthened a different area in each person.”

~Connie, Georgia~

“Living Deeper Ministries has become my family, in my faith journey. I have experienced a relationship with God that I never had before I discovered Jena and LDM. I am now blessed each time I am able to take what I have learned and share it with another. I have new purpose and joy and it has been amazing!”

~Amanda, Colorado~

“Jena’s teachings were so instrumental in my life. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me heal. She speaks candidly, and always backs up what she says with the Word. I am so thankful for her teachings, and her Bible studies.”

~Ginny, Alabama~

“What a gift to have Jena come and minister in teaching and speaking to our ladies. She is a power-packed, Biblically-based, passionate teacher of the Word of God. She led our Women’s Conference and not a single woman will ever forget it. Such deep work was done in every heart and life. We can’t wait to have her back!”

~Kelley, Mississippi ~