How you can guarantee a successful 2018

The one thing that we usually miss

As we enter a new year, we certainly have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish. Some women create a “bucket list” while others write out goals with specific deadlines over the course of the year. Many of us have had New Year’s resolutions and have seen nothing become of them, leaving us disillusioned […]

What’s YOUR Word?

your key to having an amazing 2018

What you may not know about me is that God has given me a Word for the Year for several years of my life now. One year, my word was discipline. One year the word was balance. I believe God has given me those yearly words to keep me focused on what He wanted to do that year in my life.

Advent: Week 2: The Candle of Love

to be or not to be... that is the question

Do you know who said that famous quote? It is the opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by Prince Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. In the scene, Hamlet is torn about avenging His father’s murder or not. “To be or not to be; that is the question.” This week of Advent has been an anticipatory look […]

Advent: Week 1: The Candle of Hope

what to do in the waiting

Today, a friend texted me to ask me to pray for her daughter. She had witnessed a young man commit suicide right before her eyes. She was devastated and could not get the image out of her mind. My heart broke for her. My heart broke for the young man’s family, who will never see […]

Best Recipe for this Season

a worship sandwich

Family comes together. The turkey and dressing gets put in the oven. The pumpkin pie sits out, ready to be devoured. It’s Thanksgiving! We are hungry and can hardly wait to eat this scrumptious meal, and yet, there is something we hunger for spiritually that we rarely get.  We have prayers that never seemed to […]

The Downfall of America

who's to blame?

“She did it. It’s her fault.” “She made me do it.” “The devil made me do it.” Our fleshly response to most anything negative or accusatory is to blame someone else; especially if it might cost us something. Blame can often be the conversation over dinner. “If our President would just….” “If people would just […]