HERE: Day 36

Matthew 24:1-28

Today’s Scripture is complex and prophetic, and I will not attempt to choose a side regarding all of its interpretations. Beth Moore did an incredible study on the Book of Daniel, called Daniel, and if you would like to further study these Scriptures, I would highly recommend it. Or, study for yourself Daniel 2, 7, […]

HERE: Day 35

Matthew 23:13-39

“Better is open rebuke than love that is concealed. Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” Proverbs 27:5 This is one of the most neglected verses in the Christian faith. I have been rebuked by a friend. It made me mad. It hurt my feelings. But on the other side, I grew so much because of […]

HERE: Day 34

Matthew 22:34-23:12

Have you ever disliked something about someone, only to find out that the reason you don’t like that characteristic is because you see it in yourself? As a mother I often found myself so frustrated with my children because they were so impatient and stubborn. Uh, hello! If you know me, those are the two […]

HERE: Day 33

Matthew 22:1-33

Weddings. Jesus referred to them often in His teachings and parables. He even used marriage language fitting to the culture to talk to His disciples, so that they could understand the depth of relationship He desired with them. The first miracle recorded in John 2 was at a wedding. A marriage between a man and […]

HERE: Day 32

Matthew 21:23-46

Several years back, our family was able to go overseas to Ethiopia to minister to the people in that African land. While we were there, part of our serving was to put in the foundation of the flooring for the new school that was being built. The flooring would consist of filling the whole floor […]

HERE: Day 31

Matthew 20:29-21:22

There was SO much truth within the verses in our Scripture reading for today! It was SO rich with truth and had SO many questions I really needed to ask myself and evaluate. Two blind men are by the road, begging for Jesus to heal them. Think about this for a minute: Jesus is about […]

HERE: Day 30

Matthew 20:1-28

Gypped. None of us like that feeling. As kids, we feel this way when another kid gets a bigger portion of cake than us. Or as a teen, when a sibling gets some form of preferential treatment. As adults, we feel this way when we are overlooked, underpaid, or taken advantage of. We feel “gypped“. […]

HERE: Day 29

Matthew 19:13-30

“What’s in it for me?” Boy, if this isn’t the way our society and culture thinks! If someone helps you, they often expect you to return the favor. There always seems to be strings attached, because we have set ourselves up as a very selfish society. Jesus has been healing people, feeding 5,000, debating with […]

HERE: Day 28

Matthew 18:21-19:12

Forgiveness. We willingly receive it, but oftentimes won’t give it away. It’s what restored relationship with God, but we, too many times, won’t allow it to restore our earthly relationships. We so often stand in need of it, yet won’t let anyone else stand there. Jesus spoke pretty plainly about the importance of forgiveness. There […]

HERE: Day 27

Matthew 18:1-20

If any of you have heard me speak in recent days, you may have heard me teach on humility. I believe it was the primary characteristic of Jesus’ life, and it is God’s desire for us to be like Him. Humility is foundational to our faith and paramount for the world to see an accurate representation […]