HERE: Day 40

Matthew 26:14-46

Today, I have a sweet friend who will lay her 6 year old daughter to rest, after a major car accident took her life. I can only imagine how her mother thinks often about the last time she brushed her hair, felt her touch, held her in her arms, heard her yell “Mama!“, ate together, […]

HERE: Day 28

Matthew 18:21-19:12

Forgiveness. We willingly receive it, but oftentimes won’t give it away. It’s what restored relationship with God, but we, too many times, won’t allow it to restore our earthly relationships. We so often stand in need of it, yet won’t let anyone else stand there. Jesus spoke pretty plainly about the importance of forgiveness. There […]

Regrettable Responses

when you don't get your way

Not too long ago, I was watching from the sidelines as a friend of mine didn’t get her way. She desperately wanted things to go her way in the situation, but the others involved did not side with her. It was as if I could see her mind reeling, as she dealt with all the […]

The Unseen Joy Sucker

you can do something to eliminate it

My Grandparents, Nannie and James, lived on a farm. I learned a lot about farmers, seeds, soil, planting, etc. from watching them work the farm. One thing I learned is this: “The most fertile soil is in the valleys.” I believe this is true of our spiritual growth. The most fertile soil of our soul is […]

Back to the Future

a peek into a leadership perspective

I was in college when the movie “Back to the Future” hit the theaters. The movie was about a young man who is sent back in time, where his actions could potentially ruin his future. He has to find a way to fix his past so that the future he wanted would actually happen. Through all […]

Generosity Gone Bad

I hope the title of this blog got your attention. Generosity gone bad? How in the world can generosity ever be a bad thing? You may have always thought of generosity as a good thing. But as with ALL things, generosity misused can certainly be destructive. Especially when it comes to our parenting. My grandparents had very […]

The Most Priceless Gift

More valuable than all the money in the world.

Oftentimes, when it comes to people talking or writing about generosity, we automatically think it means spending money; money that we don’t have to spend; and therefore, we disregard being generous. But in truth, sometimes the most generous thing we can do has absolutely nothing to do with money. My daughter moved away from home […]

Talk to Me!!!

A HUGE Relationship Killer

old typewriter

This month, I will be posting blogs about topics YOU asked for! I hope that you will comment on these blogs and join in on the conversation, so we can really  learn and grow in these areas! Can’t wait to hear and learn from you!    In the world of relationships, here’s how the stories […]