HERE: Day 9

Matthew 7:15-29

For the longest time, WWJD bracelets came out to remind us to ask “What would Jesus do?” Some may have worn them and others thought them cheesy, but honestly, nothing could be a more important question to ask ourselves than that one question. Why? Why is it valuable to ask this question? Because this question […]

HERE: Day 8

Matthew 6:25-7:14

Have you ever heard of the phrase “worry wart”? Growing up I would hear people say, “she is just a worry wart” or “don’t be such a worry wart”! I have known people who constantly worry. And when they have nothing to worry about, they worry about that! Now, for just a moment think about […]

HERE: Day 6

Matthew 5:27-48

“God is good. You are bad. Stop it!” So many of us took this motto from our church experience. We believed that God is good and perfect in every way and we are the complete opposite and it is up to us to act right. That’s why basing our righteousness on externalities has been embedded in so […]

HERE: Day 5

Matthew 5:1-26

In all my years of discipling and coaching women, at the end of the day, they all want the same thing: they just want to be happy. God wants that for you, too. That doesn’t mean that your circumstances won’t be hard or that you won’t ever struggle. It does mean that God knows the […]

HERE: Day 4

Matthew 4:12-25

I can remember in Kindergarten always raising my hand with all the passion I could muster when the teacher asked who wanted to be the leader. We would sing the song from Peter Pan: “Following the leader, the leader the leader; we’re following the leader wherever he may go.” I liked to lead. I had […]

HERE: Day 3

Matthew 3:7-4:11

Repentance. None of us really like that word. To say “I repent” makes us feel like we are saying, “I have sinned”, and none of us like to admit that. But repentance is a changing of the mindset, that was once leading us in one direction, to a new mindset, that is now leading us […]

HERE: Day 1

Matthew 1:1-2:12

My daughter-in-law looks a little like every ethnic group known to man. She is constantly asked whether she is Caucasian, African american, Asian, Italian, Polynesian, and more . Her beautiful face obviously has characteristic features from various parts of the world. So, not too long ago, she decided to find out just what was in her […]

Your WORD is important!

how it plays a part in this season of time

At our home, if you want to know if someone is telling you the truth, we would ask, “Jesus knows?” and if they said, “Jesus knows.” we knew they were not lying to us! There’s something about giving your word! To give our word means that it is truth to you, you mean what you […]