Do You Know Him?

A great way to honor another.

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of Dale’s Dad, affectionately known as “Pops“. As I woke up this morning praying comfort for our family, I thought, “How would I best honor Pops on this day?” Honor. We’ve lost honoring others in our society today. We used to teach our children to stand up […]

Warning Signs

When I was a kid, me and my little sister were constantly bugging our older sister. We did the majority of our picking in the car. I can remember my mother constantly saying, “You don’t want me to come back there!” And friends, if she pulled that car over…..well, you can only imagine! One time, […]


Micheal Finnagin

It is always exciting to me to study and hear from the Lord about our next year and what He has in store! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to open a gift! So, today, let’s open this beautiful gift of a new year with Jesus and let’s see what we can find. […]

“I have my WORD, and I don’t like it!”

a new perspective on your WORD

Sometimes, we want to know our WORD for the year, and then when we get it, we are not so sure it’s the one we wanted! I mean, we are like, “Lord, I’ll take joy if it’s all the same to You!” But when He gives you patience or perseverance, we are thinking, “Can I […]

The Now and the Not Yet

What to do in the meantime

Goals. Desires. Resolutions. Promises. Aspirations. Wants. Needs. Got em? Yep, me too. And for the last few days, I have been talking with the Lord about what we are supposed to do or how we are supposed to respond or BE in the “middle time“. You know, that time between the desire and the fulfillment. […]

Why I Dethrone my Stomach for 21 Days

When it comes to the success of a New Year’s resolution, I am convinced that fasting can be an integral part of helping give shape to fulfilling your WORD that God gives you. Fasting rids us of all distractions so that we can truly engage in focused conversation with God about your WORD, and let Him narrow your focus and help you chart a course to see your WORD fulfilled. Read more to find out the benefits of dethroning your stomach!

5 Musts For Accomplishing Your Goals

Because you can't lead others where you have not been.

Many of you have been seeking your very personal WORD for the year, as well as taking some time to reflect back in an effort to gain wisdom for moving forward this next year with greater success. I, too, have been working through the questions the old school way: with pencil and paper and a big eraser!

So, what do you do with your WORD and what you’ve learned as you’ve worked through the questions?