The Now and the Not Yet

What to do in the meantime

Goals. Desires. Resolutions. Promises. Aspirations. Wants. Needs. Got em? Yep, me too. And for the last few days, I have been talking with the Lord about what we are supposed to do or how we are supposed to respond or BE in the “middle time“. You know, that time between the desire and the fulfillment.

If you haven’t had a chance to work through some of my previous posts about looking back, looking forward, your WORD for the year, etc., I would SO encourage you to do it! It will help you sit with the Father and see what He has for you this next year! Does God have plans for you for next year? You betcha! If not, you wouldn’t be here!!!!

But today, I wanted to talk about what our disposition needs to be between what He has made known to you, and seeing it come to fruition. What I believe He has revealed to me is that our fleshly tendency is to become depressed, struggle with doubt and unbelief, or try to take matters in your own hands and try to “make it happen“. But that’s not God’s way. As a matter of fact, God says that He gives you everything you need to fulfill the purposes for which He calls you to.

We are having our house painted. I didn’t tell the painter to paint my house, and he agree, only to stand there with no supplies and no way to do what I asked him to do!!! Nope. I had to supply him with paint, paint brushes, spackling, drop clothes, and more so that he could do what I had asked him to do. Otherwise, he would have the purpose, but nothing with which to fulfill it. Our God is NOT going to call us to something that He will not both equip and prepare us for! It’s just who He is!

So, here’s what God’s Word says our answer for the “middle time” is: HOPE. Hope is “confident expectancy that God will do what He says He will do“. Hebrews 6:19 says, “But we have this HOPE, firm and secure; it is an anchor for our souls.” When God has given you purpose but we await the fulfillment, we must learn how to walk in HOPE. We must be confident that what He said it WILL come to pass! It WILL happen. So, no matter the negative situations that could cause us to question, the thoughts that seek to suck the life from the dream, or the delay that tempts us to want to do it ourselves, we must remain steadfast and filled with HOPE. God said it. I trust Him. That’s that! Think of the joy that brings to your heart! Whatever He said to you He WILL do it as you walk with Him and obey Him. Think of the confidence and stability that brings to your soul!


Instead of letting the circumstances around you toss you all over the place about your vision, goals, and dreams that God gave you, why not “anchor down” in HOPE, being confident that if God called you to it, it WILL happen. It’s just a matter of me walking with Him and letting Him lead me to the fulfillment in His perfect timing.

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