A Year In Review

7 good reasons to look back

2018 is fast approaching us! Can you believe it? So often, we are moving forward at such an accelerated speed, that we miss taking the time to look back. Looking back can be so good for us! When we look back, we take time to 

see how far we have come 

learn from past mistakes

praise God for what He accomplished in and through us

know what to eliminate from our lives

know what to add to our lives

receive hope and encouragement

grow towards a better you 


In Psalm 136, with every remembrance comes this response: “His love endures forever“.

The greatest value in looking back is to be able to see the loving hand of the Father at every turn.


 I began to look back at my journal, reading all about the places I was privileged to go, the precious and beautiful people I got to meet, the truth the Spirt revealed, and the things He spoke specifically to me. How precious. Such a sweet time. 

At the beginning of 2014, the Lord showed me that on the Hebrew calendar, it was the “year of the open door”. From Jesus’ first step through the sheep gate in John 5, Jesus was stepping into His purpose, as the perfect lamb to be slain for us. God gave me my word for the year as “purposeful“, to look for each open door of opportunity to do something to fulfill His purposes in me. 

Doors did begin to open up, and it was amazing to watch God at work. However, satan found some opportunities himself that I had left uncovered. Yet, how awesome is the Father that He enabled my next discipleship book, FIGHT to come out?! You have no idea what it is like to study a book, God wrote through you, FOR you! How timely. How precious that God would know the obstacles that the enemy would place in my pathway, and that I would need to learn to FIGHT myself.

The Spirit revealed that while the Father showed me the open doors, 2014 was preparation to walk through them in 2015, with His Power and His Word.  

2015 did prove to be a year of stepping through the open doors, and living more fully in the destiny and purpose God created us for. God gave me my word for the year as “awaken“, to help women be awakened to their purposes and awakened to a deeper intimacy with Jesus and the Holy Spirit who would empower them to fulfill their purposes.

God helped me get the next two discipleship books out, FOCUS and YOU. FOCUS is all about posturing yourself in such a way that you can hear God more clearly so you can follow Him more fully. Just what is needed to find and fulfill your purpose. Then, the YOU book came out right behind it, written specifically to help women know who they are specifically was women, as well as help the, discover their unique purpose to edifying the Church and extend the light of Christ to others. 

I love how the very revelation the Spirit gave me for 2015 was exactly the content of the two books that were birthed that year! Our God is amazing!

In 2016, God spoke to me my WORD for the year through a myriad of circumstances that all hit me at once. As one thing after another came flooding into my life, He spoke “urgency” deep in my soul. For that year, I felt a sense of urgency for women, for the Church, and for those in desperate need. It was in November of that year that the Lord began speaking to me about bringing the Living Deeper Series of study to my hometown. That urgency within caused me to pray for partnerships, for laborers who shared my same passion. He guided me to establish a Living Deeper Lead Team, and we began praying through what it would look like to start something called The Deeper Gatherings in Birmingham. 

In 2017, we kicked off our first Deeper Gathering with over 150 women! It was amazing! God gave me my WORD for the year of “scatter“. As I was praying one day, I glanced out my window and saw a cardinal at my bird feeder. She was unable to get any of the seeds because they were stuck up in the feeder. I went out and shook the feeder, res,easing the seeds for the birds to come back and eat. God called me to “scatter” the seeds of His truth into thew women I met so that His truths could be released in them. The year was absolutely amazing as God allowed us the privilege to branch out and multiply into PODs (places of discipleship), as well as partnering with local ministries who tackle the top 3 needs in Birmingham for women: homelessness, hurting single mothers, and recidivism. God said that He wanted the Deeper Gathering to be a place where women GROW together and then Go together to make a difference in their cities. God had shown Himself faithful, and has taught me so much through this journey.

I will share more in my upcoming blogs about what the Spirit has revealed for 2018, and what I believe God has in store for us, as well as discovering your “word” for the year, and how you can really see change and growth take place in your life and the lives of others in 2018. 


For today, take a little time to look back at your year. Praise God for all He did. Thank Him for everything that happened. Trust Him for what lies ahead in the next year. And be reminded that indeed His love endures forever!




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[If you missed the post about discovering your WORD for the year, click HERE! And if you need a study to give you some structure in your time with the Lord, go to the store HERE!]

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