What’s YOUR Word?

your key to having an amazing 2018

“Happy New Year!” We will hear these words a lot in the next few days. Those words carry such positive meaning to us as they speak hope for a better tomorrow. A word can have great power in our lives. Proverbs 25:11 says, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” We can speak powerful words to others, but God can also speak powerful words to us!

What you may not know about me is that God has given me a “Word for the Year” for several years of my life now. One year, my word was discipline. One year the word was balance. I believe God has given me those yearly words to keep me focused on what He wants to do that year in my life. Instead of me just bouncing around from one circumstance to the next, I believe God has specific areas of our lives where He wants to grow us. When I receive my WORD for the year, it keeps me focused, looking for how God will use the circumstances around me to grow me in that WORD. It brings life to me, encourages me and even excites me! I don’t dread my circumstances, but rather look for God IN my circmstances!

Without Focus, we React to Life instead of Live it.

Think about it for a minute: what would happen if you, your family, your church, or your women’s ministry had a word for the year? What if you prayed for God to give you a word for that year that became the theme for that year? Then, every decision, as far as events, Bible studies, teaching, and outreach would revolve around that word? How much more effective might you, your family, your church, or your women’s ministry be? What kind of amazing, transforming results might be seen? I would say it would be pretty powerful to see! Without focus, life can lose its purpose and focus altogether, and we can find ourselves merely existing and our churches and ministries just entertaining but not transforming.

So, what’s your word for the year? Would you dare to ask God? And then, would you dare look at your life this next year with that word in the forefront, as you read your Bible, encounter people and problems, and seek to grow?

Oh My Word, what God could do!

1)Start asking God now for your word for the year. 2)Share it here by commenting below and encourage another woman in the Living Deeper Family! 3)Then, share it with someone who can help keep your word before you this next year.

Your God-given WORD for the year can truly be life-changing as His perfectly spoken WORD for you becomes the focus of your life!

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8 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Word?

  1. For the last several years as the year draws to an end, I begin praying…I pray specifically for my “word for the year”! A word that would weave thru my life, ministry and stay on the forefront focus of what God wants for that specific year! Previous years words such as Freedom, Create, Change, and Joy each showed there faces in remarkable ways and had such huge significance! I could seriously write a book on how each word each year played out! This year’s word has been a challenge! I have prayed and read His word! The word for this year is found in this scripture that I have read over and over! I Corinthians 15:58 says, Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. Stedfast seemed to just resonate in me and leap off the pages and pierce my heart! Several months ago the word resolute kept coming up in my life! I won’t go into details on that but will say it’s neat how God has brought it all together! The very definition of steadfast is resolutely or dutiful firm and unwavering! Steadfast means being faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, determined to name a few! So in my service of Ministry and life this year I pray I will…be ye stedfast! Be firm, strong, confident in my faith, be grounded so well in Him that when shaken by temptations, trials, or any cares of this life I will be left unmovable…stedfast! Choosing a word for your year of Ministry and life is exciting and challenging! If you don’t have a word I hope you consider it! First of all pray…God just might have a word for you this year!

    • Melanie, thanks so much for sharing this! It is going to be such a joyous journey for you, filled with such wonder, as you see God’s hand at work with this WORD in your life! How He will use it to etch into your heart more of who He is and more of who He made you to be! You’ll have to periodically let us know what the Lord dis revealing! Excited for 2018 in your life!!! Much love!

      • Thanks sweet lady, and I am so glad you challenged me numerous years ago to find God’s word for me each year! It’s been a blessing and your a blessing to me! Love ya!

  2. This is the 5th year Ive prayed for a word. Im always amazed at how God uses that one word to impact my life over the course of 365 days. I expect this year to be no different. My word for 2018 is Persevere. Synonyms of persevere are persist, continue, carry on, go on, keep on, keep going, struggle on, hammer away, be persistent, be determined,see/follow something through, keep at it, press on/ahead, not take no for an answer, be tenacious, stand one’s ground, stand fast/firm, hold on, go the distance, stay the course, plod on, stop at nothing, leave no stone unturned…. 2017 was a hard year for me spiritually. I felt my passion and my joy slip away. But Jena reminded me that with all that is going on around me I still have a choice. I can chose to listen to the chaos of the world or I can listen to the Prince of the Peace. God’s mercies are new every morning, all I need to do is persevere in what/Who I know to be true.

    • I love your WORD, and let me tell you why…James 1 talks about considering it a joy when difficulties come our way because this trying of your faith produces patience or perseverance. And then says to let perseverance have its perfect work so that you will become mature, lacking nothing. SO God is about to do some maturing in your life as you stay in it with Him and let Him have His perfect or complete work in some areas in your life! SO often, things happen and when the stress or tension dies down, we are just relieved but never talk with the Lord about what He wanted us to learn through the experience. God wants to have His complete work done because He is maturing you. So, I am utterly excited about the deep work God is going to be doing in your life, to heal, remove, restore, and redeem some areas in your life, to the fullest. For He who begins a good work in you is faithful to complete it. Love you, friend! Persevere in 2018!!! And let us know how it is going throughout the year so we can grow along with ya!

  3. I have never had a word before and I really didn’t know how to have one of that makes sense. At the beginning of the year I thought it would be Faith, this word Leo coming up in everything and I knew I needed a lot of faith to hold onto what I felt God promises me for this year. The last week I felt it had turned to trust, bc I am really needing to learn to trust God and his timing on things he has promised. However this morning, after a night last night when I thought everything God promises me was gone I really felt my word is perseverance. That I must have perseverance to hold on to what I know God promises me in the restoration of my
    Marriage and to also trust and have faith. I am going with perseverance but maybe I will need three words this year of trust and faith as well.

    • Traci, its so neat to see how your three words work together!!! In the Scriptures, like in James 1, it says that our faith and trust in the Lord produces, or brings about perseverance! The space between the promise and its fulfillment is the difficult part. But if we trust and believe God, we will persevere through the waiting. Press on, my friend, and press in to the Father. He has much to say!