The Right Focus

when so much is competing

I don’t know about you, but I can be easily distracted. I can be fully engaged in conversation and see a bird fly by and then miss the last several minutes of conversation because I was “taken away” by this busy, little, bright bird! I can also become so consumed with the stresses of life, that I miss the relationships that are most important to me.

Some us just finished the FIGHT study on spiritual warfare. And though we studied about the enemy and how he attacks, warfare is never to be our consuming focus as we go through life. In my traveling, I have seen people who know nothing about the enemy and his schemes and are blindsided and severely wounded. I have also seen people who take warfare to the total opposite extreme and are consumed with a “demon behind every bush” mentality, just waiting for the enemy to pounce on them. It seems as though they are living in constant fear or are constantly seeking to fight the enemy. As I’ve heard it said, “Don’t go picking a fight, but stand your ground when you find yourself in one!”

When it comes to spiritual warfare, proper balance is the key. Yes, we have an enemy, and yes, we need to know His schemes. However, we are to focus on Jesus and His plans and purposes for us and fulfilling those. As we do this, when the enemy tries to come against God’s working through us, we stand ready for battle. Paul reminds us that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. (see Rom. 8:38-39)


We must be reminded that God’s intention for us is to walk with Him in deeper relationship. He wants us to grow into the likeness of Jesus. God wants us to pursue the zoe life He planned for each one of His children. At creation, God created us holy and perfect in every way. When we chose to go against God (sin), our consequences for disobedience were separation from God and death. God sent Jesus to pay the penalty for us so we could accept His payment for our sin and restore us to relationship with God. From the moment we accept Jesus’ payment for our sin, God begins to help us journey back to that original way He created us to be—holy. The zoe life comes as we walk with God and allow Him to change us and use us to help others walk with Him too. We find real life when we pursue to live as He originally made us,—to be just like Jesus. Because of this, our goal and focus must not be on Satan and his schemes, but rather on walking with God as He helps us to become more like Jesus.


Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” –Colossians 3:2


Paul implored us, “You have to intentionally set your mind in the right place.” Doing this requires purposeful action. When you are reading your Bible and your mind drifts to the activities of the day, write down on paper those things that you need to get done and get your focus back on God’s Word. There is such a propensity for us to get distracted, many times at the hand of our own interests, impulses and desires. Satan also distracts us. If he can get us focused on other things, then our minds will be occupied on anyone and anything other than God. When you are praying and you hear condemning and accusing words like, “God isn’t listening to you. Do you not remember what all you have done? He doesn’t listen to a horrible sinner like you,” you can know that this is an attempt to distract you. To counter this, immediately begin to thank God for saving you and wiping away your sin debt, focusing yourself back on Truth.

We cannot get so focused on the evil going on around us that we neglect God’s desires and intentions for us. We must maintain our focus on walking with God and becoming more like Him. The only time we are to focus on the battle and the devil is when he is threatening our walk with God or seeking to distract us from fulfilling the purposes for which we were made.

As we all get back into our schedules after the summer slumps, it’s time for us to truly RE-FOCUS on becoming like Christ. Join us for the FOCUS study by purchasing your book HERE and let’s put our FOCUS right where it needs to be!


You are loved,



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