HERE: Day 43

Matthew 27:15-31

She was different. She had adopted children who did not have her same color skin as her. She adopted a bunch of them. And she brought them to church. And they were rowdy, not well-behaved at all. Yet every week she came, and she did her best, but the children figgited and made such a distracting noise. What are you supposed to do with her?

One lady went to the pastor and told him to fix the problem. One woman went and scolded the mother and told her not to bring her kids to church if she could not control them. And one lady had compassion on her and offered to help her on Sundays with the children.

What would YOU do with her?

Jesus had been betrayed and denied by those He dearly loved. He had been taken before religious leaders and told to do something with Him. He had been falsely accused. They bring Jesus to the Roman governor, Pilate, and he gives the people a choice between releasing a notorious prisoner name Barabbas, or Jesus. The crowd wants Barabbas released, and Pilate asks this question: “What will I do then, with Jesus?


We are coming to the end of our study of the book of Matthew and we have learned so much about the heart of Jesus. We must seek to allow the Holy Spirit to develop His heart in us so that we can bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Our Kingdom living does just that, giving the world an accurate representation of who Jesus is. So, I think the question Pilate asked must be asked of us:

What will you do with Jesus?

You can follow the crowd so as not to stand alone and face rejection. You can put it off on someone else to handle so you can save face and not risk being persecuted. The people shouted “Crucify Him!“. Pilate washed his hands of Him.

We all have to make the choice of what we will do with the people around us…especially, those who are different than us. We all have to make a choice of what we will do with Jesus…what place He takes in our lives.

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