HERE: Day 32

Matthew 21:23-46

Several years back, our family was able to go overseas to Ethiopia to minister to the people in that African land. While we were there, part of our serving was to put in the foundation of the flooring for the new school that was being built. The flooring would consist of filling the whole floor with huge rocks, and then filling in the gaps with concrete. My husband, Dale, got all the young men involved by creating an “assembly line” where he picked up a rock and they passed it from person to person until the last young man was able to throw it in the floor of the schoolhouse. He also taught them to say, “Roll Tide” when they got a rock, which was totally hilarious, and totally beside the point I am trying to make!


Some throw them.

Some crush them.

Some are crushed by them.

Some are used as a foundation to build upon.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, making His Kingly entrance of peace, many saw it going much differently, never expecting His death and resurrection, nor Him coming as a servant, but rather a governmental overthrow and establishing of a New Kingdom. Jesus certainly would be establishing a New Kingdom, but it would be nothing like they had expected. [Watch out for getting disillusioned when you pray and God doesn’t answer the way you wanted nor expected.]

The chief priests and elders of the people, began THROWING ROCKS, questioning Jesus’ authority. Jesus didn’t try to defend Himself nor His actions, until He first tested them, to see if they were willing to admit truth. They refused, and therefore, Jesus knew it was totally pointless for Him to attempt to defend Himself. We could learn from Jesus when others question us. Are they open to what we have to say? Or will it not even matter? If they are going to refuse to hear or admit truth, don’t waste your time to debate.

Jesus begins to tell a parable about 2 sons. One gives lip service but doesn’t do what was asked, and the other, though originally selfish, repents, and obeys. Jesus tells the people who have rejected Him that tax collectors and prostitutes believed Him and therefore, would be entering the Kingdom of God before them. God is looking for the repentant and the obedient heart. Those are the hearts that are going to build the foundation of the Church. Jesus told Peter that on him, the rock, He would build the Church.

1 Peter 2:5 says, “And you are living stones that God is building into His spiritual temple.

Jesus is using those who are sold out to Him as the BUILDING ROCKS that will form foundations of His Church.


Jesus continues with another parable about the landowner who sends servants to collect the fruit, but the tenants of his land, beat, kill and stone them. Then, he sends his own son, and they killed him also. This of course is speaking of Jesus Himself being rejected by the scribes and Pharisees. Jesus has been given the authority to judge who will be received and who will be condemned on the day of judgement. Jesus will be the CRUSHING ROCK to those who reject Him.

To the Jews, while they threw rocks, Jesus became to them a stumbling stone that led to them falling away. To the Church, while believers are the building rocks, Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone on which the Church is built. And to those who reject Jesus, He is the crushing rock that destroys satan’s dominion and ushers in the Kingdom of Heaven upon His return.


What kind of rock do you want to be? May today be the day when we step up as living stones, and let God use us to build up His Church.

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