HERE: Day 9

Matthew 7:15-29

For the longest time, WWJD bracelets came out to remind us to ask “What would Jesus do?” Some may have worn them and others thought them cheesy, but honestly, nothing could be a more important question to ask ourselves than that one question.

Why? Why is it valuable to ask this question? Because this question answers other questions about yourself and others.

Here’s a question that WWJD answers:
Is this certain Christian Leader legit?
Jesus described some leaders as wolves in sheep’s
clothing (Matthew 7:15-20), saying they pretend to be a Christian, but under the pretense, is someone completely other. So, if you know what Jesus would do and this leader doesn’t do those things, then you may have a clear indication about the legitimacy of this leader.

Jesus said that we would know or recognize them by their fruit. The leaders you are following, do they remind you of Jesus? Do they do what Jesus would do? The question is not, are they a smooth talker and does their words sound good, make you feel good about yourself, or make sense so they must be Biblical? But rather, the questions is does their lifestyle and their teaching align? Or do you even know?

This is a hard question to ask, but a very necessary one these days.

Here’s another question that WWJD answers: Is everyone who says that they love Jesus going to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Jesus said that the ones who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven are those who do the will of the Father (Matthew 7:21-23). What is the will of the Father? To follow the Son. So whatever the Son did, we must do.

What did Jesus do? He hung out with the down and outs. He served the hurting. He filled the bellies of the hungry. He healed the sick. He rebuked and cast out demons. He challenged the religious. He gave value to those who felt worthless. He taught others what the Kingdom of Heaven was like. He offered others eternal life. He went into the world and made disciples.

And yet many were calling Jesus, Lord, but they looked and acted nothing like Him. Jesus said that He would say, “I never knew you.” That word “knew” is “ginosko” and means “a deep knowing of; used to describe sexual intercourse between a man and woman; great familiarity with; really understanding someone deeply“.

Jesus is saying that He is truly Lord when you avail yourself to know Him, and allow Him to deeply know you, and work through you.

He wraps up His whole Sermon on the Mount with a story many of us have heard a thousand times. It’s the story of 2 houses. One built on the rock and another built on sand. When the strong winds and rain come, the house built on the rock stands strong while the house on the sand falls with a mighty crash.

You may wonder why Jesus would end this sermon with this story. You may even think that He is saying that if you build your life on Jesus, the Rock, your house will stand the tests of time. While there is truth in that, the Scripture is really saying something that many have missed.

Jesus said, “Everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice“, THEY are the ones who are like a house built on the rock.

Jesus was saying that His sermon found in Matthew 5-7 was wrapped up in this one thing: obedience. James said it like this “Be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only, deceiving yourself“. James was saying that if we hear the Word and don’t do it, we are deceiving ourselves if we think hearing it is all we need. That is understanding and may make you good at giving an answer in church, but if it is not changing your life from the inside out, it is a waste.

Jesus spoke about what life was like in the Kingdom, so they we would begin to LIVE like the Kingdom right now. He gave us His Spirit to help us….to empower us to LIVE in and like the Kingdom….to produce fruit that looks like Jesus because our hearts have been transformed by His truth. Jesus Ian looking for obedience.

So, what WOULD Jesus do? It’s a simple question, but once you have the answer, you have found the pathway to real abundant life with Him.

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2 thoughts on “HERE: Day 9

  1. I tbought about the saying, You can talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? Jesus is concerned more with my walk; with my obedience to His teachings and convictions.