Getting to the Beauty

My mother has a green thumb like no one I have ever known. She can take a leaf and grow a tree in a matter of days! She really is amazing at it and she has revived many a plant in my yard back to health after my failed attempts. While my older sister got this wonderful trait, that one skipped me completely! Even when we travel, my mother will call and say, “Don’t worry about your plants. I’ll take good care of them.”

Well, I have roses from both her house and her mother’s house. Nannie, my mother’s mother, loved yellow roses, so I have a yellow rose bush at my house that came from her garden. I have a beautiful burgundy rose bush from my mother’s house. And then I have some bright pink “knock-out” roses in the back of my house. My mother has taught me how to take good care of my roses, and though I often forget, they are still hanging in there! One of the most important things she said was to “deadhead” them. This means that you cut off the head or the bulb after the rose has bloomed and the petals have fallen off. That way, no more water and nutrients goes to the dead rose but rather goes to the buds that need it.

A few times I have gone outside to “deadhead” my roses, the Lord has spoken very personally to me. Today was no different. I went outside with my scissors in hand, and as I was deadheading the roses, I had to reach really far in the back. When I did, I caught my workout shirt on a thorn, making this big pull across the front. There was no way I would be fixing that run. As I stood there, bummed at what had just happened, I heard the Lord speak to me:

To get to the beauty that is deep within another, you are going to have to go there with them. It may be painful and messy. They may even wound you in the process. But someone has to go in there and help them discover it. The women you try to help are gonna have setbacks. they are going to disappoint you. But you must keep coming for them. If you don’t, who will? 

And then, I cried as I talked to Him about how I have done this in the past and how deeply it hurt and I don’t want to hurt anyone and don’t want to hurt or feel the rejection or punishment that can often come with it. But, for the sake of another’s freedom, I have to do it.

There is SO much beauty in other women. When you meet other women, ask the Lord to reveal the beauty He placed inside. Truly breathtakingly beautiful is every woman God has made. We see the handiwork of God, the seeds of greatness placed in her. Those seeds when nurtured can produce a beauty to this earth like no other rose bush ever could. But the question becomes: will you take the time to see it in another woman? Pursue it? Fight for it? Help her get free from what is holding her back?

“To bestow on them a crown of beauty
    instead of ashes,
the oil of joy
    instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise
    instead of a spirit of despair.
They will be called oaks of righteousness,
    a planting of the Lord
    for the display of his splendor.” 

Isaiah 61:3


This was the mantra of Jesus. He has passed that on to us. Are you willing?

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4 thoughts on “Getting to the Beauty

  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. For I feel as though it was written just for me!! I sometimes feel as though I have let down so many people and that there really is no good left in me but “then God” sends someone like you and gives me hope again!! Thank you!!

    • Peggy, there is a beauty within you that the enemy fears. He knows the seeds of greatness that God placed in you when you were created, and he does NOT want that beauty to be seen. SO he assaults…with the sole purpose of shutting you down….feeling worthless. Don’t buy into the lies. He makes ALL things beautiful in His time. You just wait and see. And in the meantime, learn for the mistakes, grow for the future, and shine your light….it’s a beautiful one!

  2. I love this Jena!! Just went through a friendship where I couldn’t be the friend she wanted me to be and we both hurt eachother. I reached out to her again a few days ago, but it’s just not time to reconnect and it may never be. It is hurtful, but I couldn’t agree more with your words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing friend!

    • Thank you sweet Amy for sharing this. I think all of us women have been so wounded in the past from friendships that we often make an agreement within our hearts that we will NEVER be intimate friends with anyone ever again. It hurts. A lot. And yet, to not love deeply is to also miss out on personal growth as we all learn how to be in relationship with others who are different than we are. To not love deeply is to miss the beauty found in ourselves, others, and in friendship. Peter said, “love one another deeply from the heart”. Jesus has SO loved us when we hurt Him over and over. I am SO grateful today that He never stopped when it got hard!
      Trusting God with you that He will heal your hearts and grow you both into more and more of His likeness. You are loved.