Finding Time For The Ones You Love

spending time TOGETHER

As a family, we always looked forward to the summertime. Our travel schedule slowed down a bit, offering us some down time to rest, refresh and refuel. The best part about it was that we also got to just be together as a family. I loved it!

But here’s what I didn’t love about it: I would be scurrying around the house, cooking, cleaning up behind everyone, and everything else us mothers do, while Dale and the kids were laughing and giggling in the other room. It not only gave me a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out!), but it made me mad that they were having all the fun and leaving all the dirty work for me! I really grew to resent it!

I tried many approaches to get my point across like making a little more noise when I put the pots and pans away or folding clothes with… how should I say it…. zeal. That didn’t seem to do anything but make me more angry when they didn’t even notice. And if I said something to Dale about it, he would tell me just to leave it, but I knew that meant it would just be left for me to do the next day or when the fun was over. I felt like I was so busy doing what needed to be done that I had no free time for the ones that really mattered the most to me, my family. It was frustrating.

Dale and I began to notice how often the Bible spoke about unity. Ephesians says there is one Lord, one faith, and Jesus prayed in John 17 that we would be one. There are also tons of Scriptures about us helping one another grow, and how each one of us have a part to play on each other’s lives. Unity is a big deal to God. So we decided it needed to be big deal in our family. So, we adopted a family motto in our home that said this:




This meant that if Cole was in a performance, or a sporting event, we all went. If Jorja was singing somewhere, we all went to hear her… together. But that also meant that if we wanted to go do something fun but there were things that had to get done before we did that, we were going to help get those things done….TOGETHER! So instead of me slaving in the kitchen to clean up after supper, we all cleaned the kitchen TOGETHER, so that no one missed out on the fun time with the family. If Dale had yard work to do, but we really wanted to go get snowcones, we TOGETHER got out in the yard and got the work done so that we could enjoy our family time TOGETHER.

What we found was that no one felt resentful anymore. No one got left out. No one felt as though they were being taken advantage of, and everyone was getting to participate in some fun with the ones they love!

So as you go into your weekend, may I encourage you to make this one essential rule in your home, that what you guys do, you do together. You will absolutely be amazed at the margin it creates in your home for more intentional and memorable time with your family.

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You are loved,


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