All Things New

what does that even look like?

This week, we have had some major thunderstorms in the Ham! Major rain, winds, lightening, and thunder that shook our house like jello on a plate! Wow! We had some friends over and by the time they ran from their car to our front door, they were completely drenched! Now think about this: let’s say that the next time I saw them, they were in the same clothes they were in when they came to my home. Their clothes had not been taken off since the thunderstorm and they were still soaking wet, but more tattered than before. And every day after that, each time I saw them, they were in these same, wet, tattered clothes, getting more and more frayed by the wear and tear of daily life.

We would think that odd….even silly. Especially knowing that they have plenty of fresh clothes to wear. It would make absolutely no sense. Why in the world would they continue to wear these clothes day after day, carrying the old, torn, nasty, wet debris from days and weeks before, when they could put on some fresh new clothing? And yet, we often do this spiritually.

You have an enemy who is determined to make you feel as though you carry the war wounds he is waging against you from day to day, wearing you down one bad thought at a time, one bad circumstance at a time. He wants to weigh you down with insecurity, doubt, questions, and fear until you no longer have any fight left in you. He wants you to believe that you can’t overcome him. But that is NOT the truth! God has provided a way for you to start NEW every day. Every day, you have the grace of a FRESH NEW START!

Lamentations 3:23 says that God’s mercies are NEW every morning!!

Isaiah 43:19 says that God is doing a NEW thing!!!

2 Corinthians 4:17 says the inward man is being RENEWED day by day!!!

The word “renewed” is “anakainoo” and means “to cause to grow up, to make new; new strength and vigor; to be changed into a new kind of life“. The word “new” is “chadash” and means “something unheard of; something that has previously not been; fresh of the year“! You and I really can have a FRESH NEW YEAR for 2017, and have a FRESH NEW DAY EVERY day!!!

If you remember the story in the Bible of when God’s people wandered in the wilderness, you’ll remember that God provided for them manna from heaven. Isn’t it interesting that the people were to take just enough manna for that day and were not to carry any over for the next day because He would give them FRESH NEW manna each day. The Bible supports itself! God’s intentions for us is to start each day, each year NEW and FRESH!

You get to start each day with fresh faith, fresh joy, fresh love, and being freshly forgiven! And even though you feel that tough times linger day after day, you can actually awaken each morning not carrying anything over from the day before, living with a  smile on your face, as though it was your first day of battle! Why? Because God renews you! And boy, does it frustrate the enemy! He doesn’t have this commodity. There is no newness with him. When you lay hold of the grace God has given you to start each day NEW and FRESH, you actually are beating the enemy, because he can no longer pile on lie upon lie and trial upon trial.


So wake up every morning with the attitude of a brand NEW day! Ask the Holy Spirit to produce within you His fruit and put on the full armor of God. Then, put a big ole smile on your face because you have the King of Kings on your side! His face is turned toward you! Therefore, you have everything you need to conquer your day!

Let 2017 be the year that you slough off those old battle clothes that you’ve carried for far too long. Let this year and each day be a day to grow up, to find new strength, and to set the course for a new way of living that you may have never experienced in previous years. Let 2017 be a fresh NEW start! God is doing a NEW thing in 2017! Can you not perceive it?

2017, here we come!!! It’s gonna be a great one!

You are loved.

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2 thoughts on “All Things New

  1. This was perfect for me because my word for 2017 is NEW! Just felt like I needed to really focus this year on resetting things that have drifted off course. I need a new fire, a new passion, a new attitude, and a new body. The Lord is already speaking to me about how this happens EVERYDAY as I wake up to a new day and a new chance to follow and experience the Lord. Thanks for speaking into this with your post. Love you, friend!

    • God loves you so much that He even used my blog to affirm His WORD for you for the year! That’s awesome! How often we ALL drift off course and need to “reset”. Thank you for the reminder to all of us to take the time to even seek the Lord about the areas where we may have drifted, and how he would have us reset and restart, FRESH AND NEW!!! I love you, Mer!