Find Your Anthill

because there's strength in numbers

As I walked outside this week, in this beautiful Fall weather, I have noticed tons of anthills. Anthills have been everywhere I turn! And not little ones you can kick through with your shoe like dust on the pavement. No, I am talking Anthills! Big ones, that you know if you disturb in any way, you are going to have thousands of uncontainable ants storming out and most likely onto you! And if you have ever stepped onto an anthill, unknowingly, you quickly know from experience the “dance” you unashamedly perform to get them off of you!!!!

So I just asked the Holy Spirit, “What’s with me seeing all the anthills? Is this the season for anthills? Is there such a thing as ‘anthill season’? Are you trying to tell me something here, by all these anthills?

Here’s where the Lord took my thoughts and what I believe He shared with me:

One ant? Can’t do much. Limited. Vulnerable. Easily eliminated.

An Anthill? Can accomplish much together. Less Limited. Less Vulnerable to attack. More difficult to eliminate.


SELAH (ponder this thought)


Every single ant plays a part in building the anthill. Simply by observation alone, we see what ants can do when it comes to building an anthill. Scripture says this about the ant: they are small but wise, they are weak but work, they are not led but always prepared (Proverbs 6:8; 30:24-25). Maybe those characteristics need to apply to us.

Think about this: You are a valuable part of building the Kingdom of God. Alone, you can’t do nearly what you could do if you joined with others. What could be done with others is limitless! When you join a team, you become a part of something so much bigger than you. Something that could only happen with God’s control and direction. And because you are part of a larger group, you are less vulnerable to attack, and as you grow stronger, no one will seek to try and eliminate you. Enemies to your mission will actually tuck tail and run in fear of the power they see coming from your group!

This, my friend, is supposed to describe The Church, and every ministry that exudes from and comes alongside The Church. 

Like the ant, you may feel small, but to connect with other likeminded people is wise. You may feel weak, but there is definitely strength in numbers. There may be nobody in physical form telling you what your next move is, but you have the Holy Spirit who leads you and prepares you to advance His kingdom on the earth.


So here are some questions to think about:

1) Am I a part of a team that builds the Kingdom?

2) Are the activities I am a part of, growing the Kingdom bigger and making it stronger?

3) Do the groups I have joined see fruit coming from them? Growth?

4) Do you feel empowered by the group to be a better person? Use your gifts more profoundly to advance the Kingdom?

5) Do you feel inspired by the group that you are making a difference? An eternal impact?

6) Does my being a member of this group matter? Would my absence be keenly noticed?

7) How might you need to respond based on your answers to the above questions?

There is only one thing that really ought to be our sole motivation, and that is doing what God made us to do, to advance His Kingdom on this earth, joining a group of people where we can best use our gifts to their fullest of potential, as God designed them. Discover your design, and discover your destiny. Then, join a group of people where your gifts are best used to fulfill it. You will find deep fulfillment, the joy of God’s deepest pleasure, and the beauty of passing it on so another can do the same.


Find. Your. Anthill.

(Join the LDM anthill!!!! If you live in the Birmingham area, Living Deeper Ministries is beginning an area-wide gathering of women to grow together and then go together into the city to make a HUGE impact on the major issues affecting women in our city! The gathering is called The DEEPER Gathering, and we would love for you to join us! Register HERE, and come alone or bring a group of your friends, your co-workers, or your church group and let’s grow and go TOGETHER!!!  It’s gonna be SO good!)


You are loved!

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One thought on “Find Your Anthill

  1. So thankful to be a part of a local body of believers who meets this criteria – and also a part of the LDM family of women who constantly challenge, encourage and strengthen me – And you’re right – Jan 10th! It’s gonna be SO good!