Focusing Your Family on Jesus

A Great Way to Keep You and Your Family Focused on Jesus this Year.


I can never remember a more hectic time in my life than when I was trying to get my kids started back to school, and seeking to find some sort of routine for all of us to live by. After a summer with no schedule at all, trying to start back on a schedule was difficult, to say the least. I had one child crying because she didn’t like the clothes she had to wear, one so eager to get to his schoolwork that he pushed me to hurry up, and both a tinge anxious about what was ahead.


So, in my attempts to be the perfect mom, I was doing my best to tell my daughter how beautiful her outfit was, telling my son to hang on a minute and to calm down, and trying to encourage them both that it was going to be an awesome year and there was no need to be anxious! Also trying to remember to say something about God being with him and that I was praying for them, while trying not to yell and scream at them thus erasing all the loving and godly words that had just come from my mouth! While all of that was going on, I was also trying to get backpacks packed, get lunch in the lunch boxes, and make sure they had both eaten some sort of breakfast and had brushed their teeth! It was crazy times, and nothing short of the grace of God that there were no casualties in the process!


What I found was that not only did our family “check out” of a routine in the summer, we also “checked out” spiritually. We just got a little lazy. We were not as disciplined and FOCUSED as we once were, and it was beginning to show by the way we treated one another in our home. Can anybody identify with me?!!!


In light of all that, I thought I might share with you one specific way you can bring God back into FOCUS for you and your family, and it is simply this: a Bible verse a day. Now you may think that sounds way too simple to bring FOCUS back for your family, but it really does!


When I was growing up, there was a daily devotional that my parents and grandparents read each day called the “Daily Bread“. It was simply one verse from the Bible and a story or example of what the verse was all about. It also gave a challenge for your day, and a prayer. It was similar to how I blog. The day my grandfather died, we found his “Daily Bread” by his bed with a checkmark on that day’s devotion. It is a treasure to our family. He knew the value of getting his daily bread, even up until the day he passed away. I want to pass that legacy down to my kids as my parents did to me.
When Jesus was asked by His disciples how to pray, Jesus gave this statement as part of that prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Jesus knew the value not only of our physical nourishment, but a need for daily spiritual bread as well. Just think about it: if you took just one verse a week and each day FOCUSED on that one verse, by the end of the year, you and your family would have had 52 verses that you memorized and/or FOCUSED on in your home! That’s pretty awesome!
Implementing a verse a day in your home: 
1. Gives God’s word to them. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Each day, as they hide God’s Word in their hearts, they are made more aware of His Word and His desire for them to live. When you put His Word before them each day, you are providing them a safeguard from sin.
2. Gives them a weapon against the enemy. Ephesians 6:17 says, “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” Whatever they may face within their day, you are giving them an arsenal of Truth they can use when the enemy comes against them! AN apple a day may keep the Doctor away, but

A verse a day keeps the enemy at bay.


3. Gives them a mindset that helps them respond to trouble well. I certainly respond better to negative circumstances much better on the days I have spent time with Jesus than when I have not. Setting your family up with a FOCUS on a specific Scripture verse each day will help them enter the day with the right perspective to handle the things that might come their way.


4. Gives you something to pray for them while they are away from you. How neat to think that you can pray that very Scripture over your child while they are away from you! And, as I have said in a previous blog (click HERE to read it!) YOUR PRAYERS ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN YOUR PRESENCE! Like a magnifying glass FOCUSES the sun on one specific point, your prayers FOCUS all the power of the Son onto your child!


5. Gives you a place of discussion when they come home. You have a place to ask your children if anything happened that day where they had to apply the verse of the day. It gives you a point of entry to talk with them about their day and the things of God. Helping your children learn how to apply the Word of God to their everyday life is an invaluable gift they will need as they grow deeper in their relationship with God. It will be key to their transforming into the image of Jesus.
So buy or make you a chalkboard frame (click HERE for a DIY project) and put it in a prominent place, with the verse of the day on it, for your family to frequently see. Keep the verse “ever before them”.
And give them Scripture cards that they can carry around with them! I have a dear friend who makes Scripture cards that come with a “Sword” case to place the cards in. You could attach it to your child’s phone, notebook, planner, or locker, and they can be reminded of the verses throughtout the day. (click HERE to go to her website!)
You can even make it a friendly competition as to who can memorize the verse first!
I believe that when you begin planting this one, small seed, you are going to reap a huge harvest not only as each person grows in their walks with God, but as God grows your family closer and closer together!
Living Deeper,


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