Time To Re-Focus

A Little Something to Bring Back Focus in Your Life.


This year, I have been talking to my friends about the need for us, as Christians, to “re-up”. I wasn’t sure if that was a word or not, so I googled it, only to find out that it is a slang term used for drugs dealers when their stash is low. They need to fill their stash back up. (Note to self: check out the definition of words prior to using them.) Anyway, I did like the thought that sometimes our “stash” of Truth gets low because we neglect our time alone in God’s Presence!


I don’t know about you, but after a full and busy summer, I find myself in need of a “re-up” spiritually. You know what I mean? It’s like we get a little spiritually lazy during the summers months and have to get our focus back on Who really matters. Because we all know that life gets really blurry when we lose our focus.



One of the things our family and faith family do is take 21 days in August to pray. [If you would like to be a part of it online, please click HERE. It is powerful and you do not want to miss it!] Having some intentional, consistent time to talk with the Father is a great way to get re-focused.

So, this morning as I sat with the Lord, I took out my journal from our 21 days of prayer and fasting in January. As I approach a new year, I always ask the Holy Spirit to give me “my Word” for the year: a Word that He tells me I will need to stay focused on for that year. Sometimes, one Word may stay with me for several years or He will share a new one as He takes me into even deeper places with Him.

This morning, He reminded me not only of my Word, which is URGENCY, but He reminded me of several subscribers who texted or emailed me their Word. I began to pray and ask that they would see their Word fulfilled in their lives, and would begin again to seek the Holy Spirit out about that Word and how it was to play-out for the rest of the year.


The Holy Spirit reminded me that 2016 is the Year of Connection, and the Word He gave me was URGENCY, connected to my Word from last year: AWAKEN.

The Holy Spirit has given me an urgency to awaken women

to a deeper connection with God than they have ever experienced!

My friends, there is SO much more than you are currrently experiencing! And it is my heart to help you find God in deeper ways!


So take some time in the next few days and “re-up’! Remember the Word the Holy Spirit gave you for the year, or ask Him now for one! Take the time to re-focus your mind’s attention and your heart’s affection on the only One who deserves it! Let’s begin again, and finish this year strong, so that we can look back on this year and say, “I found a deeper connection with the Lord this year, and my “stash” is FULL!


Living Deeper Together,


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