Who Is Killing The Root?

The One Thing That Could Change Everything


Last week, I wrote about the root problem in our nation. (if you missed it, click HERE)

It just becomes more and more clear that evaluating and then eradicating bad roots and replacing them with good roots deserves our upmost attention at this point in time.

In our society today, it would appear that, for the most part, we have become reactive people instead of proactive people. We react to the increasing addictive behavior we witness, by developing recovery programs. We react to the increased shame and abuse, with programs to set them free. We react to increased divorce with a divorce recovery program. Now, don’t get me wrong, these programs are excellent resources that help millions of people struggling. They are very valuable and I would highly recommend them.

But here’s a question I have thought about today:

Who is going to take the time to put to thought what the root cause is to these issues so that we can be proactive about them? What can we do so that these programs are not even needed?

When I go out in my yard to get rid of weeds, I have to kill them at the root or they just grow deeper, stronger, and threaten to overtake my yard. The same thing happens when we try to fix the fruit without ever addressing the root. 

What would happen if we started asking some questions that got us to the root of the issues in our society, and then began implementing action that would kill the root? I believe space would be made for new, good roots to be established and new, good fruit could result.

Could it be that Jesus didn’t just want this “getting rid of bad roots” to be just personal? What if He also wants it communal, practical, and even missional? What if Christians discovered what they were passionate about…..maybe one of the areas I listed above? And then, what if they went out into their communities and located ministries that were already doing what they are passionate about and joined them, beginning to serve passionately in that ministry? What if you were passionate about something and you found out that in your community nothing existed to meet that need? 

What if you could be a part of getting to the root of an issue effecting those around you and of designing a way to kill the root so that recovery programs were not even needed? WHAT IF????

As Dale and I travel, we will go to churches who have a vibrant program for divorce recovery, but when asked about their marriage ministry, they don’t have one. Why be reactive instead of proactive? It has been our heart to see churches develop vibrant marriage ministries so that they wouldn’t have to have divorce recovery programs! Again, not that they are not good or helpful, but rather that we are doing everything we can to promote healthy marriages and families so that divorce, broken families, and wounded children don’t have to be an increasing problem in America. 

So, what problem are you passionate about? What is its root? What can you do to get involved in killing that root? 

May I challenge you today to take one step, just one step in that direction. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. You take one step, and watch God light the way for the next one.

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:27

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