What’s In Your Driveway?

Be Very Careful What Gets Parked In Your Driveway!


One of the joys of my heart is to travel and minister to churches all over our great country, encouraging women to live at a deeper place with the Father. Oftentimes when I travel to speak, I fly into a certain location and then have to rent a car to drive to my final destination.

On one particular weekend, I had flown to Colorado and went as usual to the rental car counter. After filling out the proper paperwork, the gentlemen pointed me to a section in the parking deck and told me that the keys were in all of the vehicles, so I could just go out and pick whichever one I wanted. I thought, “Wow! Normally they pick one for me! This ought to be fun!” I grabbed up my luggage and hauled it out to the row of cars I had been directed to. There, in Row H, sat two cars: one very old, worn out, and well-ridden vehicle parked right next to a brand spankin new and shiny one. Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, that was a “No-Brainer”! I was grabbing up that new car!

Why would we pick the new car instead of the old? Fresh? Clean? Exciting? More power? More reliable?


Think about your brain as a parking lot where your thoughts park themselves. There’s two driveways: one is a good thought from the Holy Spirit, and one is a negative, selfish, evil thought from the world the flesh, and/or the devil. Knowing this, we would never pick the thoughts of the enemy intentionally, but we almost always do. Most days, we think negatively, and jump to negative conclusions over a positive with just about every situation we encounter. And yet God parks His thoughts right next to the world’s thoughts.

Thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings lead to actions that form behavior. Left unchecked, behavior forms habits and those habits reap consequences, that determine your destiny! What we think about is critical!!!

How often in our circumstances do we choose the negative, worldly, Godless thoughts about a given situation? We choose anxious thoughts when God offers us a thought to express deep trust in what He can do in our situation to turn it for good (Romans 8:28). We choose fear of poverty thoughts, when God offers the thought that He is to be praised as the supplier of all our needs!

God has parked a good thought next to every bad one.

We must end the consistent bad thoughts by taking responsibility for our current mindset. Our mind can no longer be allowed to become a parking garage for the enemy, but a new car lot of beautiful, new, fresh, insightful and encouraging thoughts given by the Spirit of God, so our minds can come under the influence of God.

The enemy would like nothing more than to congest your mind with thoughts that move you away from God and toward self-sufficiency. The best way to overcome his schemes is to learn to think in the opposite way of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Turn Satan’s advances to your advantage!

Everytime he tries to park his negativity in the driveway of your mind, use it as an opportunity to cleanse your mind and renew your thinking to align with God’s thoughts.

Do the opposite of what the enemy most wants you to do! And when what he intended to destroy you begins to perfect you, he will tuck tail and run!

You have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). Every positive, true, refreshing, exciting, encouraging, and beautifully good thought is parked beside every worldly, fleshy, demonic thought that enters your mind.

What are the overarching thoughts that lead you to a place of defeat? Choose a new thought, a God thought, and weary the enemy because he can’t get an easy victory over you! Begin to say to the negative, ungodly thoughts, “You’re not parking that in my driveway!!” and choose you a new God-honoring and positive thought!

This is what it truly means to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5)! Instead of your thoughts controlling you, take control of your thoughts, and be careful what you allow in your driveway!

You are loved.

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