7 Ways to Boost Your Energy

How to move from exhausted to energized.


People have always said that I had a lot of energy. After I speak, people will ask me, “Where do you get all that energy?” Even when I was growing up, my mother used to always say, “I wish I could bottle up all of your energy!” Energy is something that seems to be diminishing in our society. It appears that most of us are exhausted, and energy seems to be in short supply. As a wholistic person who seeks to approach my life body, soul, and spirit, I have become a student of my own body to determine what I must do to keep myself energized each day. They have proven to be very effective for me.

Here are 7 practical ways you can gain some energy in your life.

1. Start your day off with Jesus. Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” I have found that to gain the right perspective of my day, I must spend some time with God first thing in the morning. When I do, my thoughts about my day are aligned to God’s heart. I find myself more serving and giving instead of selfish and entitled. Through Bible Reading, worship music, and prayertime, God gives me the perspective I need and energizes me with an anticipation of what is to come. I usually get in my “spot” each day, light a candle, listen to some worship music, pray, read the Word, write in my journal, and pray some more! There are so many devotionals and studies out there. Currently, I am studying through a book of the Bible and going through the CONNECT study with a group of couples. (Click HERE if you are looking for a particular topic to study!)


2. Drink water. And lots of it. Jesus spoke of “living water” in the Bible (John 7:38). Just as the Holy Spirit empowers us like streams of living water, our bodies need water to bring us life! Here are just a few benefits of drinking water: supports metabolism, promotes vitality, helps with digestion, eliminates toxins, improves muscle strength.

My trouble is that sometimes I don’t drink enough water each day! Anybody with me? Jorja found a nifty water bottle (pictured below) that has colored bands on it. Fill the bottle up with water, drink it, then put the first band on your wrist. Fill the bottle back up again, drink it, and then put the next band on your wrist. When you have done that until all the bands are off the bottle and onto your wrist, you have had your water intake for the day! And you know what I love about this? The band colors are the same colors as the Living Deeper Series! So while I am drinking my water and discipling others, it’s all working together! Love that!


3. Choose Joy. Ever heard it said that attitude is everything? Jesus started with His disciples by teaching them the attitudes of the Kingdom. Choosing the right attitude can be crucial to boosting energy or draining you of energy. Some of us, including myself, just sometimes need to not take life so seriously. We need to quit making big deals out of things that are not really a big deal at all.

And when we choose joy, we are also changing our mouths to speak life-giving words instead of death words. When people ask you how you are and you say, “exhausted”, that’s exactly what you’ll be: exhausted. God spoke and Creation was made. Jesus spoke and people were healed. We are made in the image of God. Our words have power. Use them to be thankful, kind, encouraging and joyful. Be a gainer and not a drainer. I try to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me one thing I can say that would be encouraging to those I come into contact with, and then speak that word of kindness to them. Try it! It’s a fun thing to do with the Holy Spirit!


4. Find time to exercise. The Bible has a principle called “sowing and reaping“. We tend to look at that only in terms of if you sow sin, you reap the consequences. Reality is, this principle applies to so much more. In truth, whatever you want, that is what you need to sow! If I want strawberries, I must sow strawberry seeds. If I want love, I must sow love. Proverbs says that if you want friends, you must show yourself friendly. SO it is with exercise. If you want energy, sow some energy. Exercise your heart, and your muscles. Keep yourself fit to do what God calls you to do. I do some kind of cardio three times a week and two days of weight training. There are many video-driven workouts that are excellent for this. I am currently doing 21-Day Fix exercise videos through Beachbody. It’s my favorite so far. Find out what works for you and get started. Make yourself do it whether you want to or not and when you finish, you will feel so refreshed and like you really accomplished something; ready to conquer the world!


5. Eat Right. Ever heard, “You are what you eat.”? That it a very true statement. The food you put into your body determines how your body will function. Most foods we eat today are very processed and carry a ton of toxins in them that cause weight gain, especially around your organs. Unresolved, this can lead to all kinds of diseases. My family has found a very healthy lifestyle regimen that rids the body of unwanted toxins and brings healing and energy to our bodies. It has been a lifechanger for us. It’s called Isagenix and I would highly recommend you checking it out. What you are putting into your body, definitely determines how your body will respond.


6. Feed Your Soul. You must discover what brings you life. For some, being around people brings them life. Others find that being alone and reading a good book brings them life. Be a student of your soul. Find out what it is that feeds you, and start doing that. Instead of being consumed with food, fat, your weight and your multiple times of “starting over”, think about what your life could look like, if you shifted your focus to bringing joy to your heart. Laugh. Dance. For me, I really enjoy being with my family, playing golf, reading a good book on the beach or in the beautiful mountains of Montana. These are the things that bring me life. Find what feeds your soul, and make some time to do it and watch your energy level improve.


7. Rest. Our culture is more depleted of rest than ever before. Society has started to equate rest with laziness. Not true. Rest was so important to God that He created a day of Sabbath rest. That rest day was specifically created for man to intentionally rest from his past week to revitalize for the week ahead. Some benefits of rest are: a healthier body, more balance, less stress, deeper relationships, more clarity for direction, fresh perspective, and increased productivity. A lack of proper rest results in lower immune systems that results in more sickness. We, as women, need about 8-9 hours of restful sleep a day to remain healthy. I try to protect my Sabbath days of rest, by not planning anything that day. I even turn my phone to silent so I am not disturbed. Sometimes I sleep. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I read. Sometimes, it’s a little of all of it!


So take a minute to evaluate your energy level. How are you doing in these 7 areas? Where are you doing well? What areas do you need to improve on? You will never make improvement nor find the energy you desire by wishing for it, you must start. You have more influence on your energy level than you think. Start somewhere. Make baby steps. One thing at a time. Grow in consistency, and see what happens to your energy level and productivity!!! Let’s move from exhausted to energized to do what God made us to do!


You are loved.


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