Simplify: using the 80/20 rule


If you have ever been in Church world for any length of time, you will often hear leadership speak of the 80/20 rule that states, “80% of the people do 20% of the work and 20% of the people do 80% of the work“. But here’s something I have been thinking about: what if we applied the 80/20 rule to our lives when it comes to accomplishing our goals?

So, how could I apply the 80/20 rule to help me attain the goal of me building the character of being purposeful in my life this year?

1) Devote my time to doing the 20% of the things that yield me 80% results of getting closer to my goal, my WORD. So that means that for me, I am going to prioritize the top things I want to do everyday that help me fulfill my WORD.

2) Invest 20% of my time on the 20% of people who will yield 80% by bearing fruit and scattering onto others what I give them. I can’t get bogged down trying to “drag people along” who really are not passionate about fulfilling the purposes for which they were created and are not passionate about joining LDM to go through the process of finding real life! Pouring myself into the 80% who I am constantly begging and pleading with is draining and frustrating when they only yield 20% results. Isn’t this really what Jesus did? He ministered to the masses but He spent very specific time with 12 guys and poured His life into them! And they, my friends, turned this world upside down! I am praying God bring me 12 like that!

3) Spend 20% of my time doing things that bring me 80% fulfillment, laughter and joy! For me, being with and serving my family, giving to others, encouraging others when I speak, or helping others in need bring me so much fulfillment and joy that I can’t even explain.

4) Use 20% to do 80% of the things that suck the life out of me. Now before you buck this and say that there is no way you could do all that sucks the life out of you in only 20% of your time or day, you may want to talk this over with your spouse or family. For me, I shared with my husband that thinking about dinner stressed me out completely, and was such a drainer for me. I am not a very good cook and HATE to try to plan and cook healthy yet tasteful dinners. He shared with me that cooking was a stress reliever for him, he just hated to clean up! Vwalah! He cooks and I clean!

Dale and I have even taken this principle to our workouts! We have for the last several years done P90X as our workout. It is very very good and we would highly recommend it, but it is also very time consuming. With me striving to be more purposeful about my time, we found T-25. It is a workout that is only 25 minutes long, but it is intense and is absolutely purposeful towards getting the most out of the little time you give. I get a great workout in only 25 minutes a day! It frees me up for other more important things!

I want to encourage you to take some time to ponder this concept and plan accordingly and just test it and see what happens for you! I believe it will SIMPLIFY your life in ways you could not have imagined! If you will notice, I talked about 4 things that will take up 20% of your time. That’s 80% of your day. Let’s say you have a 16 hour day. That means each of these things above could be given 3 hours and 12 minutes a day to them. And guess what? You still have 20% leftover that is not assigned to anything! You could actually end up having…..are you ready for this? FREE TIME! You would have 3 hours and 12 minutes left open for life’s interruptions and other God moments! Applying the 80/20 rule is so important because it allows you to:

Leave room to develop your character 

instead of being consumed by your calendar.

Think through it. Write it out. Plan it out. Have structure, but don’t be so structured that you leave no room for the Sprit to lead your day. Then follow your plan and see of you don’t find that you are maximizing your time and getting more done in less time than some get accompllished in a week! You’ll gain momentum toward accomplishing your goals and seeing development and growth in your  life.

Go on! Give it a try!

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